About Patricia

As a young girl with a relentless imagination, Patricia Brubaker’s skills in design have been a lifetime in the making. As a young girl with an “outside the box” mindset, Pat took every art course available in school, using anything as a canvas. From block printed fabric dresses to macrame window coverings, everything in sight was fair game. She even personally expanded her artistic horizons to self-teach all forms of industrial and computer art. Her business, Design Poetry, is simply a compilation of all of the unique design strategies Pat has refined over the past decades.


After graduating from the University of Connecticut, she settled into her life with a husband, children, pets, and the wrong field of business. Despite her artistic inclinations since childhood, she spent 15 years operating a successful service business. But the spirit of design never left her, as seen in her home which held memorabilia from her years of art as a hobby. Finally, in 1996, she launched her first art company, “The Brubaker Collection,” which showcased her designs on home furniture. The collection began in her basement, but with the launch of her licensing division, has expanded to a full on studio and become Design Poetry.


Aside from design, Pat is an avid caretaker, of both her family and guests. When she isn’t crafting her brand or spending time with her husband, children, or dogs, she works as the owner and innkeeper of The Connecticut River Valley Inn. Her bed and breakfast continues to be a successful and cozy business, and also acts as a canvas for her creativity. She experiments her artistic applications in her B&B as she has done for years; making beautiful novelties from unremarkable artifacts.


A woman with extraordinary talent, Pat has dedicated herself to expanding Design Poetry, and continues to find inspiration from her exciting daily life. With a bright future ahead, Pat’s rebranded collection, Design Poetry, will help clients fill their lives with the same brightness that her family and guests experience everyday.

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